English for Travelling

Master practical communication skills in situations most often encountered while travelling. 20 hours of intensive conversational practice for a holiday of a lifetime.

at least 3 times a week
Длительность занятия
from 50 min.
Продолжительность курса
from 25-30 lessons

Course features

The course is recommended for adult learners with an initial level of language proficiency not lower than A2. The programme equips learners with vocabulary and grammar necessary for everyday communication when on holiday.

Содержание курса

The aim of the course is the acquisition and improvement of speaking skills (mainly fluency), as well as understanding the interlocutors when listening to them, which will help the student feel confident in an English-speaking environment.
Приобретаемые навыки

During the classes, situations such as: buying tickets, visiting a cafe and restaurant, checking-in in a hotel, shopping, hotel problems, car rental, getting around a city, etc. are considered.

The programme uses the Flipped Classroom methodology — when the theoretical part of the course is studied at home, and the class time is devoted to communicative meaningful practice.

Модули курса

12+ study topics
interactive home assignments
extra audio and video material
digital drills
progress and final testing

Результаты курса

The final outcome depends on student’s language proficiency at the start of the course of study and lesson frequency. On full completion of one level (25+ lessons), a student takes the final test and gets a certificate that acknowledges the completion of the course and the attainment of a certain language proficiency.
Key competences

Key competences

  • Overcome the language barrier, understand English speech.
  • Ask and answer simple questions within the framework of general touristic topics.
  • Master the basic vocabulary and grammar for communication on everyday topics during the trip: buying tickets, renting a car, checking into a hotel, visiting a cafe and restaurant, shopping, actions in case of emergency, etc.
  • Freely ask and follow the instructions in a city: understand road signs, use a map, etc.
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