EGE and OGE Preparation

The programme is designed for pupils of the 9th and 11th grades and aims to fully prepare them for OGE and EGE. The teachers attend professional development courses every year to learn about the latest changes to the exam format and assessment criteria.

2 or 3 times a week
Длительность занятия
from 50 minutes
Продолжительность курса
from 80 lessons

Course features

Unfortunately, school programme does not cover all the aspects necessary for successful performance in the exam. We have designed this course to help pupils of the 9th and 11th grades to prepare for the exam and feel confident while taking it.

Содержание курса

The aim of the course is the prepare learners to pass state secondary school exams — OGE and EGE.

Приобретаемые навыки

The lessons include theoretical input as well as multiple opportunities to practise and do exam-like tasks, including two mock tests.

Filling in the exam papers is no less important than correct answers.

That is why in the course we also set time to fill in the exam papers.

The course length depends on the initial level of language proficiency.

Модули курса

10+ study modules
interactive home assignments
extra audio and video material
digital drills
progress and final testing

Результаты курса

The final outcome depends on student’s language proficiency at the start of the course of study and lesson frequency. On full completion of one level (80+ lessons), a student takes the final test and gets a certificate that acknowledges the completion of the course and the attainment of a certain language proficiency.
Key competences

Key competences

  • Building strategies to approach exam tasks, understanding assessment criteria, learning to fill in the exam forms.
  • Two mock OGE and EGE exams, studying sample papers for ‘Writing’ and ‘Speaking’.
  • Practising writing followed by criterion-referenced assessment.
  • Expanding a range of exam-specific vocabulary, developing writing skills, working at grammar and word building.
  • Developing listening and speaking skills. Speaking practice in every lesson.
  • Practising speaking with the help of digital drills followed by criterion-referenced assessment.
  • Studying authentic texts and exam tasks developing various communicative strategies.
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